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Our Faculty

At CWC, teaching isn’t just a job – it’s a passion. Our faculty members are dedicated teachers whose top priority is helping you reach your goals. 

Agriculture & Equine

Instructor of Farrier Science

Drew Schrock is the rodeo coach at CWC but also brings knowledge of farrier science to students.

Instructor of Agriculture

Keith Duren is an Instructor of Agriculture

Instructor of Agriculture and Meat Science

Amanda Winchester is an instructor of agriculture and meat science faculty

Business & Entrepreneurship

Professor of Business

Working with students gives Brittany the opportunity to invest in them the way they invest in CWC.

Associate Professor of Business

Tamara Forbis has worked at CWC for more than four years as an instructor for business.

Behavioral & Social Sciences

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Joseph Fountain loves psychology and hopes to excite and interest his students in it. Most people associate the field of psychology with mental disorders, but the study and science of the mind encompass so much more.

Associate Professor of Criminal Justice

Professor of Political Science

Dr. Jim Thurman has worked for CWC for more than 15 years and has worked throughout the world.

Instructor of Human Services

Career and Technical

Director of Bachelor of Applied Science Degrees

Dr. Lael Noonan has a passion for leadership and she’s excited to share it with the community.

Instructor of Automotive Technology

Profile photo of Jonathan Edlund

Jonathan Edlund

Automotive Lab Supervisor

Instructor of Cosmetology

Professor of Welding

Director of Cosmetology, Instructor of Cosmetology

Pam Capron is the Director of Cosmetology, she enjoys how student-friendly CWC is and as an instructor she enjoys seeing each students individualism.

Health and Nursing

Nursing Director and Professor of Nursing

Stacey is the contact person for students who are applying to the nursing program.

Professor of Nursing

Amy began working as a registered nurse in 1997 and loves bringing her experience to the classroom.

Professor of Nursing

Anne Nez brings more than 20 years of nursing experience to the classroom.

Instructor of Nursing

Terry Wilson brings more than 34+ years of nursing experience in a variety of healthcare settings.

Nursing Instructor

Anna is a nursing instructor at the CWC outreach center in Jackson, Wyoming.

Instructor of Nursing

Liz Oliver has a strong background in acute care in rural settings and has spent a great deal of time mentoring new nurses.

Instructor of Nursing

Cathy Beck is a member of the CWC faculty team as an instructor at the outreach center in Jackson, Wyoming.

Nursing Instructor

Jim brings with him nine years of nursing experiences from his time spent working in ICU, home health, and teaching at a four-year university in Michigan’s upper peninsula.

Media, Arts and Humanities

Instructor of Instrumental Music/Director of Bands

Jeremy Cochran is the new music instructor at CWC and he hails from Duluth, Minnesota. Now he resides in Riverton and is ready to watch the music program grow and help students pursue their passion for music.


For Jeremy Nielsen, the film program at Central Wyoming College is all about making movies and he puts cameras into the hands of his students the first day. CWC is the only college in Wyoming that has a film program.


Maygen Cassity is passionate about teaching and truly feels fortunate to be in the role.

Instructor of Theater

Joey West has been a part of the theatre world since he was a young child. His first performance was in the Nutcracker as a young boy where he fell in love with life on the stage. He spent his undergraduate at Southern Virginia University, he later moved to England to perform and earn a master’s degree at the Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts.

Professor of Art

Nita Kehoe has taught at CWC for more than 20 years and has shown artwork internationally.

Professor of English

David Gray brings experience in marketing, journalism, theatre and military communications to the classroom.

Associate Professor of English

Buck Tilton brings three decades of experience teaching wilderness medicine and writing books and magazine articles to his job as an English Instructor.

Associate Professor of Radio Broadcasting

Past sports director and general manager at radio stations and co-founder of, John Gabrielsen has more than 25 years experience in the radio broadcast field.

Professor of TV/Broadcasting

Amanda Nicholoff brings experience from her professional career producing at NBC to the classroom.


Dr. Colleen Bartlett has had the opportunity to work in many different settings, she began working in child care and went on to work with older children in preschool and the public school system. She has a unique perspective on early intervention and education and how important it is.

Vonda Wells

Instructor of Education

Vonda Wells

Professor of English

Ben Evans has taught English at CWC for many years.

Professor of English

Dr. Connally enjoys seeing students move from one level of writing to the next. Watching the satisfaction students have with their achievements is something he loves about working with students.

Outdoor and Environment

Professor of Outdoor Education and Leadership

Darran Wells is passionate about all kinds of outdoor activities – hiking, climbing, caving, and skiing, but mountain biking is a sport he dedicates most of his free time to.

Professor of Environmental Science and Health; Director of Instruction and Research at the Alpine Science Institute; Agriculture

Jacki Klancher has been an educator for more than 20 years. Originally from Patricia, Alberta Canada, Klancher has been at CWC for more than 10 years as a professor and she was integral in launching the Interdisciplinary Climate Change Expedition. This undergraduate research program has allowed her to integrate the classroom component of the EHS Environmental GIST and Expedition Science programs with wilderness travel and adventure.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Professor of Mathematics

Passionate about math, Mike Bostick, enjoys teaching math and helping students comprehend and solve tough math concepts.

Professor of Biology and Math

Kirsten Kapp has a passion for wildlife and brings a wealth of experience to the classroom.

Professor of Mathematics

Jennifer Kellner has taught mathematics for more than 10 years at CWC.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Kate Patterson is a math instructor at CWC and is ready to share her love of math with others.

Instructor of Mathematics

Melena Osborne wants to help students succeed in math. She recognizes that math can be a barrier for some students and she’s here to help students break that barrier and succeed in college.

Instructor of Biological and Physical Sciences

Lucy Graham is from Aurora, Nebraska. Prior to earning her master’s degree, Graham spent a year doing an internship at the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services where she worked in the epidemiology department focusing on chronic disease prevention, particularly cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Professor of Chemistry and Physics

Bill Finney engages his students by creating an interactive learning environment

Instructor of Computer Technology

Professor Matt Herr brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom.

Professor Biology

Tara Womack lets her students be their own subject by drawing their own blood to determine blood type, counts and more!